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Monday 6 July 2020

0900 – 1300

Postgraduate Workshop

Arts West Building

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Monday, 6 July 2020 at Arts West (North Wing), University of Melbourne

1000 – 1200

‘Legal and Political Ethnography’ Workshop

Convenors: Melissa Crouch and Nick Cheesman

Arts West Building

1300 – 1500

‘State of the Field’ ASAA Workshop

Convenors: Edward Aspinall and Melissa Crouch

Arts West Building


Tuesday 7 July 2020

0800 Registration open
0830 Arrival tea and coffee
0900-0915 Welcome to Country | Indigenous Representative, Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation
Welcome to Delegates | Professor Michael Wesley
, DVCI, University of Melbourne

0915-1015 Plenary Speaker: Dr. Samia Khatun, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Gender Studies, SOAS, University of London
Ecological Crises and Asian Knowledge Systems: Lessons for the Future from the British Destruction of Cotton Crops in 19th C Bengal

Samia Khatun is Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Gender Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. She is a feminist historian of the British Empire, focussing on the life worlds and experiences of colonised peoples. Tackling the central role of the discipline of modern history in constructing myths of the superiority of white man, her research and writing develops methodologies to engage colonised peoples’ intellectual traditions to tackle gender, race and class oppressions and their intersections with environmental destruction in the colonial modern era. [full biography]

1015-1040 Morning Tea
1040-1200 Panel Sessions 1.1

Mobility, adaptation and belonging: migrant experiences

Chair: Dr Paul Green

Cross-Cultural Adaptation in the Context of Maternal Involvement in Children’s Education: A Study on Indonesian Mothers in Turkey
Durrotul Mas’udah

Vietnamese Irregular Migrants in Moscow: Mobility, Consumption and Belonging
Lan Anh Hoang

Beyond the Cross-Cultural Border: Returned Migrants’ Lives from Japan to Bangladesh
Tetsuo Mizukami


Future Food in Future Asias (1/3)

Chair: Dr Graeme McRae

Sustainable Food Futures: Strategies and Risks for Indonesia’s Food Systems
Prof. Thomas Reuter

Agricultural extension and food security in Indonesia: Opportunities and problems in the era of regional autonomy
A/Prof. Subejo

Nutritional Insecurity and Climate Change: Evaluating Adaptation Pathways in Indonesia
A/Prof. John McCarthy

Food for Future: Is it Possible without Farmers’ Climate Literacy and Responsive Farming Culture?
Prof. Yunia Winarto


Crossing Seas of Ancient Connectivity: Disability Diffusion, Diversity & Development

Chair: A/Prof. Karen Soldatic

Disability Embodied Connectivities: Ancient Imaginings, Contemporary Navigations
A/Prof. Karen Soldatic

‘Being’ the Change: From Transactional to Relational and Mutually Transformative Disability Inclusion
Dr Alexandra Gartrell

Local Indonesian Newspapers Representations of Disability in Asian Para Games 2018
Slamet Thohari

Constructing Life Stories of Gendered-Disability Experiences Through Agency and Structure: Case Studies from Post-Armed Conflict Sri Lanka
Dr Niro Kandasamy


Housing Future Asias (1/2)

Chair: A/Prof. David Beynon

Of Resilience and Assimilation; Contesting Spatial Dynamics of the Cocos Malay Dwelling Culture in Malaysia
Dr Md Mizanur Rashid & A/Prof. Noor Aziah Mohd Arfiffin

Cultural Identity and the New Homestead: A Case Study of a Resettlement Village in Sri Lanka.
Nirodha K M Dissanayake

Hand in Hand with Crossed Top Plates: Mapping the Contribution of Chinese Carpenters to the Production and Installation of Prefabricated ‘Singapore Cottages’ in Melbourne
Dr John Ting


The Spiritual Foundations of Southeast Asian Arts (1/2)

Illuminations: To See Art in Singapore
Chloe Ho

Apichatpongian Film Style as Meditative Practice: Form, Drift and Contemplation
Duncan Caillard

A Tale of Two Boulders: A Paridrayan Perspective on Pragmatic Spirituality
Jarrod Sim

Shaping Authenticity: Architecture, Art and Commercial Space in Bangkok
Trude Renwick


East Asian Market Integration

Chair: Yuma Osaki

China and the Global Edible Bird’s Nest Industry
Kasem Jandam

The Roles of Australia and Japan in Institutionalising Regional Economic Integration in Asia: The case of TPP and RCEP
Yuma Osaki

Degree of State Intervention in the Convergence of Oligarchic Spatial Activities and Neoliberalism Agenda in the Indonesia-China High-Speed Rail (HSR) Project
Deda Rizky Rainditya


The Transnational Experiences of Asian Students

Partnerships of care over distance; thinking though the experiences of transnational educators and support staff.
Dr Jonathan Burrow

Study Tour for Mutual Understanding between Japan and Australia: A Tour in an Australian Aboriginal Community in South East Australia
A.Prof. Yugo Tomonaga

Perspectives of Mainland Chinese Postgraduate Students (MCPS) on Their Study in an Australian University at the End of Their First Year of Study
Jian Zhao


Transnationalism, Migration and Development: Asian Perspectives

Chair: Prof. Andrew Rosser

Transnational Linkages, Political Settlements, and the Migration-Development Nexus: The Case of the Indonesian Diaspora Network
Prof. Andrew Rosser

Transnational Serial Migrants and the Cultural Politics of Moving and Belonging
Prof. Brenda Yeoh

Towards a Methodology for Defining and Measuring Diaspora: Examples from the Australian-based Chinese Diaspora
A/Prof. Yan Tan

Daigou Business Between Australia and China: A New Form of Transnational Economic and Social Linkage
Dr Xuchun Liu


Opportunities and challenges for achieving greater equity in sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in contemporary Indonesia (1/3).

Chair: Belinda Spagnoletti

Issues of Ethics and Equity in Cervical Cancer Prevention, Screening and Treatment in Indonesia
Linda Rae Bennett

An Exploratory Study of Drug Sellers’ Knowledge of Misoprostol Use for Medical Abortion in Yogyakarta Indonesia, 2019
Dr Meiwita Budiharsana & A/Prof. Wiji Wahyuningsih

Paper Title TBC
Ariane Utomo


Reimagining Masculinities in East Asia

Chair: Carman K.M Fung

The Phantom of Hegemonic Masculinity in Emergent Lesbian Discourses: Sexual Modernity in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China
Carman K.M. Fung

Are Men Wolves? – Non-Conforming Masculinities In Japanese Love Advice Books
Michaela Luschmann

Queer Japanese masculinities: Ideologies at work in Japanese MSM erotic manga
Patrick Murphy


Urban assemblage and new inequalities: liminal spaces and marginalization in Mandalay, Myanmar.  (Myanmar Series 1/4)

Chair: Michael Griffiths

Castaways? A Critical Ethnography of Garbage Collectors in Kyawk Kyi Kone, Mandalay
Daw Htu Ra

Is it working? Factors Sustaining Child Labour in Mandalay
Dr Shin Thynn Tun

Delayed or Derailed? Life Trajectories of Child Waiters in Mandalay
Dr Nyunt Nyunt Win

Liminal Spaces: A Critical Geography of Working Children in Mandalay Railway Station
Dr Zin Mar Latt


Modern Art and Visual Culture in Southeast Asia: De-Canonical Impulses

Chair: Dr. Roger Nelson

Meeting of the Worlds: Reframing Singapore’s Early History with ‘An Old New World’
Daniel Tham

In Search of Modern Photography in Singapore: Tan Lip Seng, Lee Lim, Lim Kwong Ling and Lee Sow Lim
Charmaine Toh

Visual Accounts of the ‘Secret War’ in Laos
Dr Roger Nelson

Panel Discussion
Dr Kyla McFarlane


Cultural Mobility and Creative Exchange in Asia and the Pacific

What Was Revealed When Yoga Came to Malaysia?: Untangling the Concept of “Asian Spiritual” Culture
Miki Kurihara

Sedentary Life, Nomadic Texts: A Study of the Chinese Intertexts in the Japanese Heian Women’s Writings
Dr Jindan Ni

Cultural Exchange and Agency in Two Australian Artist Collaborative Projects with Indonesian Alternative Pop Acts
Dr Aline Scott-Maxwell

Cultural Crossroads: Asian-Australian Programming in Contemporary Sydney
Dr Nicholas Ng


Histories of Foreign Trade, Travel and Collecting Across Asia

Preserving Heritage into the Future: Grassroots Movements for the Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery
Toshiki Asakura-Ward

Mary Strong Clemens (1873-1968): A Collector-Emissary of Colonial Flora
Kathleen Gutierrez

The Curious Double-Life of Putuoshan as Monastic Centre and Commercial Emporium, 1600 to 1750
Dr Ryan Holroyd

Emotion, Race and China Threat: Two Australians in China, 1894 – 1914
Juan Juan Wu


Utopias on the Ground: Everyday Life in the Making of Mao’s “New China”

Chair: Shan Windscript

Leaping Forward in Nanjing: Urban Communes and productive peddlers, 1958-1960
Katherine Molyneux

Cultural Revolution in Time: Diaries and the Making of Socialist Subjects, 1966-1969
Shan Windscript

“Fragrant Flowers” and “Poisonous Weeds”: Censoring Personal Readings during the Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976
Peidong Sun

Revolution or Work Points? Troubles in the Everyday Life of an “Educated Youth” in the Countryside. 1968-1978
Zhang Ning


The Political Performance of Orality: Voice, Speech, Language and their (Dis)Contents in Duterte’s Philippines

Chair: Oscar Jr Serquiña

Acts of Speech, Bites of Sound: Rodrigro Duterte’s Oral Flexing and its Discontents
Oscar Tantoco Serquiña, Jr.

The Duterte Presidency as Selective Subversion: Repudiating Some Practices, Reaffirming Others
Gene Segarra Navera

[Insert Expletive Here]: The Poetics of Vulgarity, The Spectacle of the Ordinary, And the Construction of Affective-Political Space in Dutertean Speech Performances
Alwin C. Aguirre

Duterte’s Words are His Followers’: Imitations and (Re)Articulations of President Rodrigo Duterte’s Rhetoric in Online Discourses about Human Rights in Mindanao under Martial Rule
Charles Erize P. Ladia


Law, Democracy and Governance: Challenges and Opportunities

Chair: Jianlin Chen

Uncivil Disobedience Versus the Police State: The End of Hong Kong’s Rule of Law?
Brendan Clift

Development of Chinese Legal Language and Legal Awakening in Hong Kong
Ho Yan Chan

Indonesia’s Criminal Code Bill: Between Legal Reform and Democratic Setback
Rafiqa Qurrata Ayun


Whither Regionalism in Asia?

Chair: Professor Baogang He

Is Regional Multilateral Institutions Underpinning Regional Security?
Prof. Baogang He

The Prospect of Regionalism and Multilateralism in Asia
Prof. Kai

Do Regional Multilateral Institutions Underpin Regional Security?
Prof. Mark Beeson


Geopolitics and the Nature of Australia’s Relations with the Region

Antarctica in the future of Australia-China Relations
Dr Nengye Liu

Debating China’s Influence in Indonesia and Australia – A Comparison
Dr Dave McRae

Understanding the Dynamics of Geopolitics in the Indian Ocean Region
Prof. Derek McDougall

Rethinking the Role of the Indian Diaspora in India-Australia Relations
Dr Alexander Davis

1200-1330 Lunch and Interest Group Meetings (1230-1330)
1330-1450 Panel Sessions 1.2

Rituals, rites, reflexivity and practice

Chair: Paul Green

Cross-cultural Narratives of the Australian Engagement with East Asian Tea Culture
Dr Jinghong Zhang

The Radhasoami Tradition in Canada and Its Future: Cultural Mobility and Ritual Practice
Prof. Diana Dimitrova

New life – and death – From the Ruins of Japanese Death Rites
Hannah Gould

Graduate Attributes, Public Reflexivity and Geographies of Islamic Learning
Prof. Julian Millie


Future Food in Future Asias (2/2)

Chair: Thomas Reuter

Is There a New Food Movement in Timor-Leste?
Dr Sara Niner

Transnational Labour Migration and Food Security in Rural Asia: Patterns of Livelihood and Agrarian Change
Ramesh Sunam

War and Peace of the Newari Food
Paola Tine

Is Land Acquisition Posing a Threat to Food Security? A Case Study From the Punjab
Sarbjeet Singh


Housing Future Asias (2/2)

Chair: David Beynon

Housing Future Asian Australia
A/Prof. David Beynon

Experiments and the ‘Smart’ City: Governing sustainable and ‘smart’ infrastructures in Singapore’s high rise housing estates
Nurul Amillin Hussain

“Collective Domestic” – Reconfiguring patterns of shared inhabitation and occupation in contemporary Japan
Prof. Julian Worrall


Creative industries

Imagining ‘Orang Kreatif’: Creative Subjectivity in Contemporary Indonesia
Dr Annisa R. Beta

Publishing and Translating Indonesian Literary Works: Funding, Cultural Politics and Arts Networks
Dr Andy Fuller

The Future of the Past: Exploring the Implications of Authenticity and Multiplicity for Beijing Opera Today
Matthew Haywood

Mobilities, Diversities and Identities: Contemporary Interpretations of a Canonical Chinese Play in Singapore
A/Prof. Ann-Marie Hsiung


Translation and Transculturality

Hamlet in the New Era of China
Dr Yongying Jiang

Dealing with the West: Political Changes in Thailand and the Transition of King Vajiravudh’s Translation Practices
Faris Yothasamuth

Jinja Shintō and Japanese Religions in the Pre-Colonial Joseon History
Dr David W. Kim


Precarity and Populism as Neo-liberal Contradictions: Failed Promises of the “Demographic Bonus”

Chair: Dr Ariane Utomo

Precarity and Piety: Preliminary Findings from Jakarta Millennial Survey 2019
Dr Inaya Rakhmani

Reproducing Precarity: Neoliberal Reconfiguration of Work Practices in Indonesian Apps-Enabled Ride-Hailing Service
Diatyka Widya Permata Yasih

Precariat without Proletariat? Something Strange Happens Along the Way to Class-Formation among Creative Urbanites
Dr Hizkia Yosias Polimpung

Precarity, Populism and Intra-Oligarchic Conflicts
Abdil Mughis Mudhoffir


Mobility and education in Asia (1/2): Movements and flows

Chair: A/Prof. Zhenjie Yuan

Theorizing Emerging Educational Mobilities in Asia: Peripheral Spaces, ‘Unlikely’ Actors, Fragmented and Uncertain flows
Dr Peidong Yang

“It could be the longest train trip in the world…”: Mobility and Subjectivity Transformations of Uyghur Educational Elites on a Train Journey Across China
Dr Zhenjie Yuan

(Not) Returning Tibet: Identity, Morality, and Future Projectivity among Tibetan and Han Mobile Youth in China
Dr Miaoyan Yang

Bruneian Students on Discovery Year: Reworking of Mobilities Aspirations and Mobilities Decision-Making
Dr Siti Mazidah Mohamad


Chinese Diaspora and Development in Asia: A Transnational Perspective

Chair: A/Prof.Yan Tan

Overseas Chinese’s Engagement in Beijing’s Soft Power Program: Dynamics, Institutions and Transnational Outcomes
A/Prof. Ying Zhou

Opportunistic Transnationalism: The New Generation of Malaysian Chinese Entrepreneurs Amidst a Rising China
A/Prof. Na Ren

An Anthropological Analysis of Revitalizing Chinese Business and Economy in Cambodia Post-Khmer Rouge from a Transnational Perspective
A/Prof. Yang Luo

Chinese Muslims’ Transnationalism and Development in Southeast Asia – Transnational Business Network and Post-Chineseness
A/Prof. Yun Zhang


Opportunities and Challenges for Achieving Greater Equity in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in Contemporary Indonesia (2/3)

Chair: A/Prof. Belinda Spagnoletti

The Immorality of Morality-Based Sexual Health Care: Populist Morality and Universal Health Coverage in Indonesia
Sharyn Davies

Critiquing the Feminization of the HPV Vaccine: Global and Indonesian Perspectives
Setiyani Martha Dewi

Adoption of Postpartum Family Planning (PPFP): Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Women in Banyumas, Central Java, Indonesia
Dr Sandra Frans & Dr Ariane Utomo

Panel Discussion
A/Prof. Linda Rae Bennett


Performing Transculturality and Chineseness in Australasian Contemporary Art

Chair: Dr Yu-Chieh Li

Visual Culture in a Diasporic World, The Desire to Know and Understand Visual Forms from China
Dr Justine Poplin

Wu/Shamanism in Contemporary Performance Art from Asia
Dr Yu-Chieh Li

Art Museum E-Learning Resources Designed for Education Purposes: Current Approaches and User’s Responses
Dr Tiffany Shuang-Ching Lee

Articulating Alternative Cultural Identities: Kuo Pao Kun’s Multilingual Theatre Praxis in Singapore
Dr Wah Guan Lim


White elephants and sacred rivers: Locating populism in contemporary Myanmar (Myanmar Series 2/4)

Chair: Dr Michael Griffiths

Glass or Mirrors? The Political \Cconstruction of the Byamaso Organization in Mandalay
Dr Lei Shwe Sin Myint

Whose R2P? The Politics of Banana Planting in Waingmaw Township
Daw Nan War War Hto

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Gendered Narratives of Human Security in Mandalay
Dr Kyi Mar

Poverty, populism and the ever-present ‘other’: analyzing a century of media discourses on inequality in Myanmar
Dr Htet Htet Khaing


Histories of Religious Renewal in East Asia

To Republish or Not to Republish: The Reproduction of Chinese Christian Texts in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Dr Hsin-Fang Wu

Pyone Cho and his New Buddhist Songs – An intellectual of ‘YMBA’ Burmese Nationalism in the 1920s
Dr Yuri Takahashi


Visions of the Future in 20th Century Indonesia (1/2)

Chair: Paula Hendrikx

Re-Sinicizing Tales: Sin Po’s Cultural Vision for the Creolized Chinese of Indonesia
Ravando Lie

Mapping the Alam: West Sumatran Girls Envisioning the World (1920-1921)
Bronwyn Anne Beech Jones

Decolonisation and citizenship in the new future
Prof. Heather Goodall

Collective Memory and Post-colonial Narratives of the Indonesian Labour Movement
Prof. John Ingleson


Crafting the Historical Narrative of Modern India and Its Future

Chair: Dr Sandria Freitag

Pride and Curiosity: Encounters with Textile Products in the Second Punjab Exhibition 1881-1882
Dr Hussain Ahmad Khan

The Prison Industrial Complex: Fabricating Lives, Fabricating Products in Colonial India
Dr Anand A Yang

Indian matchbox labels and the translocal over the 20th century
Dr Jim Masselos

Social Uplift and Cultural Preservation: Crafting the Future in the Informal Economy
Dr Sandria Freitag


Languages in contact in the Sinosphere

Practical Effect of Endangered Manchu on the 21st Century Chinese Language Learning: Reading Wutiqingwenjian五体清文鑑, a Qing (1636-1911) Dictionary of Five Languages
Dr Ning Chia

From Transcription to Translation: The Replacement of Phonetic Loanwords within the Chinese Community in the Dutch East Indies
Dr Hung-Yi Chien

Voluntary Monotone: How Nationalism Impedes Linguistic Diversity in Modern-Day China
Zhuangsi Xu


Human Rights and the City in Asia and Oceania: Urban Actors and Opportunities and Challenges for Localising Rights

Chair: Dr Ken Setiawan

Human Rights Cities: A New Frontier for Human Rights in Asia?
Dr Ken Setiawan

Contesting Water Urbanism(s) in Goa, India
Dr Maya Costa-Pinto

Do Cities Really Need Human Rights? A Socio-Legal Inquiry of Governance Performance in Decentralised Indonesia
Dr Herlambang P. Wiratraman

Promoting the Right to Water: a Case Study of Port Moresby
Dr Naomi Francis


The Future of Indonesian Democracy: Views from Within

Chair: Dr Agus Suwignyo

Musyawarah-Mufakat and the Taming of a Political Mass
Dr Agus Suwignyo

Reconsidering Consociational Democracy: Twenty Years of Indonesian Democracy
Dr Nanang Indra Kurniawan & Dr Wawan Mas’udi

The Phantom of Rent-Seeking in Democratic Indonesia: Resource Governance at Sub-National Level
Dr Poppy S. Winanti & Muhammad Djindan

Unveiled in Public: Religiosity and Democracy
Dr Suzie Handajani


Election Politics and Power Relations in the Theravadasphere and Beyond

Factional Politics and the 2019 Election in Thailand
Dr Punchada Sirivunnabood

After the Electoral Defeat: The Study of General Elections in Myanmar
Kihong Mun

Disability and Elections: The Experience of Disabled Candidates in Indonesia’s 2019 Legislative Elections
Dr Elisabeth Kramer

1450-1530 Afternoon Tea and Book Launches
1530-1650 Panel Sessions 1.3

Migrant recognition, activism, and voices of the diaspora

Chair: Lan Anh Hoang

Comparing Migrants, Comparing States: Reflections on Lao and Myanmar State Governance and Migrant Activism
Dr Sverre Molland

Diasporic Voices: Political Engagement Among the Indonesian Diaspora
Dr Charlotte Setijadi

A Kinship of Spectralities: Korean Transnational Adoptees and the Korean Diaspora
Dr Ryan Gustafsson

Career Development of Japan’s Business Women Overseas
A/Prof. Nobuko Hosogaya


Sociology, education and economy: Disciplinary debates

The ‘Economic’ in Indian Sociology: Genealogies, Disjunctions and Agenda
Prof. Manish Kumar Thakur

Space, Power and Society: Imagined Centre and Evolution of Chinese Psyche
A/Prof. Paweł Zygadło

Using Theory of Planned Behaviour to Predict Adult Engagement in Science in Taiwan
A/Prof. Chun-Yen Tsai


Future Food in Future Asias (3/3)

Chair: Dr Graeme MacRae

Diverse Foods, Diverse Hungers: An Ethnonutritional Approach to Insecure Food Futures in a West Papuan Plantation Zone
Dr Sophie Chao

Sustaining Heritage: Parsi Food Tales Past and Present
Dr Alison Booth

Renewing Asian-Derived Foods for Pacific Futures
Dr Nancy Pollock

Local Knowledge, the Right to Food and Sustainability in India
Jagjit Plahe


Archiving Asian Cities Amidst Time in Motion

Chair: Prof. Hyunjung Lee

The Old Seoul Station as a Performative Space: The Archive and the City
Prof. Hyunjung Lee

(Re)Constructing History: Alfian Sa’at’s Merdeka and the Bicentennial Dilemma
Dr Jane Yeang Chui Wong

Urban Stratification: An Inclusive Urban Cultural Landscape of Hsinchu City
Dr Shu-yi Wang

Writing the Historical Self— Fiction, Artifacts and the Making of History in Dung Kai-cheung’s Works and Creation: Vivid and Lifelike
Dr Chao Long


Geopolitics and media

Political Friction Counterpoised by Pop Culture-Japan, China and South Korea
Dr Seiko Yasumoto

Truth or Falsity: How Do Ignorance and Mass Media Forge the Image of India in the Eyes of Chinese Students in Australia
Yuhang Yu

Unauthorized Local Media Practices and the Paradox of Cold War Democracy in U.S.-Occupied Hokkaido
Prof. Ji Hee Jung


Making and Unmaking Sustainability: Storying Asia’s Eco-modernities and Environmental Futures

Chair: Dr Kiu-Wai Chu

Aesthetics of a Dystopia: Representation of Cityscapes and Environmental Crisis in the web series ‘Leila’
Dr Shubhda Arora

Resurrecting Wooly Mammoth: Speculative Aesthetics in the Anthropocene
Dr Kiu-Wai Chu

Imagining Hong Kong’s Ecological Futures in Speculative Fiction
Kelly Yin Nga Tse

In the Shadow of Sustainability
Jamie Wang


Collective Practices of Contemporary Art, Architecture, and Cultural Studies in Indonesia

Roundtable Presentation

Presenters: Arham Rahman, Maria Adriani, Yoshi Fajar Kresno Murti, Wilson Yeung Chun Wai


Indian Economic and Social Policy

Chair: A/Prof. David Hundt

Does Health-Related Aid Really Matter? Evidence from South Asia
Dr Salma Ahmed

Democracy, Development and Dispossession: A Bottom-Up Perspective on Capitalism in India
A/Prof. David Hundt

Class Cultures, Market Forces and the Desegregation of Indian Schools
Dr Amanda Gilbertson

Caste, Jobs and Scheduled Castes
Dr Jayabrata Sarkar


Mobility and Education in Asia (2/2): Discourses and Encounters

Chair: A/Prof Zhenjie Yuan

Altered Aspirations and Frictional Encounters at a Mainland Chinese University Branch Campus in Malaysia
Dr Sin Yee Koh

Singapore International Education Hub and Its Dilemmas: The Challenges and Makings for Cosmopolitan Learning
Dr Hannah Soong

Poetics and Politics: Transformation of Learning Space of Cantonese in Guangzhou, China
Prof. Wenling Li

Why Go Home to China? Voices of Chinese Alumni from an Australian University
Dr Jasvir Nachatar Singh


Making Room and Finding Place: Diasporas in Political Arenas and Discourses of New Homes

Chair: Nathan Gardner & Dr Catherine Chan

Strategic Noncitizenship: Mainland Chinese Immigrants as Noncitizens in Australia
Qiuping Pan

Views of ‘89ers’ and of Home: How Chinese Australian Communities Responded to ‘June 4’ and the Students who Sought Asylum in Australia
Nathan Gardner

Transnational LGBT Activism: Migrants’ Pride in Hong Kong
Dr Francisca Yuen-Ki Lai

Confronting Post-War Crisis: Humanitarian Sojourners in 1940s ‘Far East’
Jiayi Tao


Opportunities and Challenges for Achieving Greater Equity in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in contemporary Indonesia (3/3)

Chair: Dr Belinda Spagnoletti

Lost to follow up: Limits to accessing HIV care among young men who have sex with men (MSM) in Jakarta
Dr Ben Hegarty

Co-locating Art and Health to Explore the Cultural Contexts of Sexual Health, Wellbeing and Sociality in Indonesia
Dr Jamee Newland

Indonesian Muslim Women’s Activists Deconstructing Women’s Biological Experiences Through Religious Texts
Dr Eva Nisa

Panel Discussion
Prof. Lenore Manderson


Economic Development and the Politics of Culture in Asia and the Pacific

Cow Entrepreneurship for a ‘Strong and New India’: Marketised Hindutva meets Casteised Speciesism
Dr Priya Chacko

Diverse Foods, Diverse Hungers: An Ethnonutritional Approach to Insecure Food Futures in a West Papuan Plantation Zone
Dr Sophie Chao

Examining Baihang Credit in China, Chinese New Surveillance Infrastructure: Discipline and Control
Boyi Cheng

Comparing Frameworks and Cultural Influences of Sustainable Fashion Governance for the Textile Supply Chain in China and Australia
Dr Dashi Zhang


Myanmar Stream, Panel 3: Local-global networks for Myanmar’s development  (Myanmar Series 3/4)

Chair: Dr Tamas Wells

New Yangon City: Chinese Investment, Urban Planning and ‘Suturing’ of the Political
Dr Tamas Wells

The Radical Potential of Neoliberal Development? Implications of the Shifting Aid Agenda for Social Transformation in Myanmar
Bethia Burgess

Mediating Local-Global Partnerships for Development and Peace in Kayin State: A Case Study on the Role of Brokers in Myanmar’s Evolving ‘Aid Encounter’
Dr Anne Décobert


New Voices in Japanese Studies

Perceptions of Refugees and their Communities in Japan
Atsushi Yamagata

Tracing Media Dynamics of Post-3.11 Japan: Towards an Inter-media Society
Sonja Petrovic

Governor Takeshi Onaga and the US Bases in Okinawa: The Role of Okinawan Identity in Local Politics
Monica Flint

Sponsored by Japanese Foundation


Visions of the Future in 20th Century Indonesia (2/2)

Chair: Paula Hendrikx

Pillars of the Nation and Stalwarts of Development: Students and Youth Imagine an Independent Indonesia (1945-1949)
Jonathan Peter

“Revolutionary Emancipation”: The Struggle for “All Women’s Rights” in Post-Independence Indonesia
Paula Hendrikx

Creating an “Indonesian New Man”: The Thoughts of Njoto on Education
Rhoma Dwi Aria Yuliantri

Merdeka: Why a Centralized Democracy was a Revolutionary Indonesian Idea in 1945
Prof. Gerry van Klinken


Technologies of Seeing in Southeast Asian History

Chair: A/Prof. Samson Lim

The Negative Presence: Gender and (In)visibility in John Thomson’s Photographs of the Siamese Court
Dr Clare Veal

Bangkok Panorama
A/Prof. Samson Lim

Seeing Machine: Industrial Photography in Colonial Java
Dr Alexander Supartono

Early Cinematic Visualization of Umma: A 1928 film on the Hajj
Dr Sandeep Ray


Language and creative practice

Chronotopic Euphoric Misanthropia: Transforming & Indexing Brutality in Asian Contexts
Dr Jessica Birnie-Smith

As If Poetry: Algorithmic Authorship and Participant Readership in Contemporary Japanese Verse
Prof. Scott Mehl

Language Diversities, Food and Cultural Exchange on the Silk Road
Dr Sunyoung Oh

Intertextuality in Japanese Post-3.11 Fantastical Manga
Megumo Yamaguchi


Vulnerable(?) Workers: Law, Rights, Politics

Chair: A/Prof. Michael Gillan

Foreign Domestic Helpers and Reasons for Sentence in Hong Kong
Daniel Pascoe

Labour Dispute Resolution and the Media in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam
Dr Petra Mahy

Take Me Home: The Role of Smugglers in Return Migration and Clandestine Border Crossings in Batam, Indonesia
Dr Wayne Palmer

Politics and Trade Unions in Myanmar: New Alignments and Misalignments in the Context of Democratic Transition
A/Prof. Michael Gillan


Sojourners in New Environments: Transnational Collaboration, Non-Government Organizations, and Territorial Governance in East and Southeast Asia

How Does Transnational Environmental NGO Reconstruct Westphalian Sovereignty?
Ade Wirasenjaya

Negotiating Collaboration in the Community: NGOs’ Community Embeddedness in China
Dr Shirley Yang

Spatial Conflict and Territorial Governance in Tourism Development: A Case Study of Mandalika and Labuan Bajo, Indonesia
Ucu Martanto

Constituency Visits in Indonesia: Clarity of Responsibility and Credit Claiming
Jennifer Frentasia

1700-1745 Sub-Regional Keynotes (All Lectures will be Open to the Public)
  South Asian Studies Association of Australia Society of Architecture Urban Historians of Asia Malaysia and Singapore Society of Australia

Ayesha Jalal, Tufts University

Past presentism in a “post-truth” world

Sponsored by Asia Institute, University of Melbourne

Jeffrey Hou, University of Washington

In the Global Streets (and Alleyways) of Asia

Michael Barr, Flinders University

Seeking the invisible Malays: The politics of national myth making in Singapore 

  Japanese Studies Association of Australia Indonesia Council Association of Mainland Southeast Asia Studies
1700-1745 Swee-Lin Ho, National University of Singapore

Garin Nugroho, Independent Filmmaker

Reading Indonesia

Philip Hirsch, University of Sydney

The Past, Present, and Future of the Mekong River

  Korean Studies Association of Australasia sub-regional China Studies Association of Australia Myanmar Keynote Lecture

Stephen Epstein, Victoria University of Wellington

North Korean Men in South Korean Popular Culture of the 2010s

Kam Louie, Honorary Professor at UNSW and HKU

The Modern Junzi and His Future Prospects


Prof. Myo Kywe, University of Queensland

Higher Education Reforms in Myanmar: Re-orientating Tertiary Research for Democratic Transition

1745-1830 Sub-Regional Association Meetings
1930-2130 Sub-Regional Association Dinners (TBC by the Associations)

Wednesday 8 July 2020

0830 Registration open
0830-0900 Arrival tea and coffee
0900-1020 Panel Sessions 2.1

Civil society and refugee care in Indonesia: Creating protection space? (Panel 1)

Chair: Max Walden

Civil Society and Norm Entrepreneurship in the National and Regional Context
Prof. Susan Kneebone

The UNHCR and its Local Implementing Partners: How to Expand the Protection Space for Refugees in a Non-Protective Host Country?
Dr Antje Missbach

The Politics of Civil Society in Indonesia: Where Do Refugees Fit?
Max Walden


Urban landscapes

Chair: Dr Sidh Sintusingha

Public Works Department and Architectural Modernism in Hong Kong
Carmen C. Tsui

Greening Bangkok from Elsewhere: A Citizens’ Inter-Urban Referencing Network
Chieh-Ming Lai

Imagining Manila’s Future: Capital, Media and Post-war Reconstruction
Dr Paul Hogben


Built environments, Identity construction

Chair: Dr Amanda Achmadi 

Circles and Squares: Understanding the Azuchi Castle Tenshu within Japanese Warring-States Ideology
Dr Mark Erdmann

Holy City or Sin City?: The History of the Two-sided image of Macao
Venus Viana

Spaces of Ethnic Consumption in Sydney
Yingfei Wang

Nusantaran Architecture: A ‘Forced’ Traditionalisation of Indonesia’s National Identity?
Diah Asih Purwaningrum


Art in Northeast Asia

Collecting the Contemporary: From Mega Gallery to Box Store, Paintings to Toys, the Evolution of Millennial Art Collectors in North East Asia
Raymond Rohne

Changing Interpretation of Shanshui: Contemporary Art in Hong Kong
Dr Hung Sheng

The Transnational Cultural Affiliations of Hong Kong
Genevieve Trail

The Popularization of Utsuho Monogatari
Xiaojing Zhao


Media pasts and presents

The Voice of Bruce Lee
Prof. Jessica Ka Yee Chan

Yao Feng-Pan’s Modern Horror Film: Space and Gender in The Ghost Lover (1974)
Mei-Hsuan Chiang

From Folk Songs to Rap: How Young Vietnamese Generations Preserve and Redefine Traditional Cultural Values Through the Studying Cases of Folk Songs and Rap
Tiến Nguyễn

The Future of Japan-China Film Negotiation History Research: Li Xianglan in the Trans-war Period

Prof. Kenko Kawasaki


Contemporary Art Censorship & Strategies of Resistance and Dissent in Singapore

Chair: Dr Michelle Antoinette

OB Marker: Strategies of Dissent in Contemporary Art Practices in Singapore
Jeffrey Say

Meeting the Funding Conditions: Forms of Control in the Singapore Art Scene
Anca Rujoi

Anti-Yellow: Forms of Performative Dissensus in Singapore Art
Dr Yu Jin SENG

Censored: 5th Passage and the [Public] Making of Singapore’s Contemporary Art History
Dr Michelle Antoinette


Digital Futures in Southeast Asia

Chair: Dr Aim Singpeng

Digital Campaigning Futures in Island Southeast Asia
Dr Ross Tapsell

Election Campaign on Facebook: The Case of the Philippines
YoungJoon Koh

Digital Labor in the Philippines: Three Forms of Brokerage
Dr Cheryll Ruth Soriano

Comparing ‘Hate’ on Facebook: Evidence from Southeast Asia
Dr Aim Sinpeng


The state, livelihoods and (in)security in place

Chair: Dr Vanessa Lamb

The mess of mafias? Regulating State Support in Rural Indonesia
Colum Graham

Nutritional Insecurity and Climate Change: Evaluating Adaptation Pathways in Indonesia
A/Prof. John F McCarthy

Roadmaps: Pathways to Adulthood of Street and Working Children in Mandalay, Myanmar
Mya Thida Soe

The Spatial Organization of Coercive Institutions in Autocracy: Evidence from China
Dr Adam Yao Liu


Women in Politics in Asia: Rethinking participation, (under) representation and exclusion (1/2)

Chair: A/Prof. Tanya Jakimow

Political representation and women in Vietnam: A Feminist Institutionalist analysis
Prof. Louise Chappell

The Woman President – Asian leaders and their legislative footprints
Dr Ramona Vijeyarasa

Beauty and the Barrier: Constraining Women’s Political Participation in China
Prof. Louise Edwards

Women’s political representation in Timor Leste
Sara Niner


Health, Gender and Mobility in Asia

Embodiment as a Conceptual Framework for Studying the Intersection of Aging and Migration in Asia
Michelle Ong

Good, Bad or Worst? Reproductive Health Challenges for Indian Migrant Women in Japan
Dr Megha Wadhwa

Home Is What Mother Makes: The Impact of Housing in Hong Kong on Chinese Migrant Mothers, 1940s-1980s
Shuang Wu

Enabling Access: Disability, Mobility and Inclusion in Contemporary Singapore
Kuansong Zhuang


Of Earthly Elements: Changing Environment and Civil Society in Thailand and Southeast Asia

Chair: Dr Janit Feangfu

Ad-hoc community: Instagram’s Posts about Hazy Air Condition in Southeast Asia
Dr Pasoot Lasuka

Human-Fish Relations: Interspecies Diet and Disease around a Hydropower Project in Northeast Thailand
Dr Visisya Pinthongvijayakul

Family on the Road: Food, Journey and Disparity in the Thai novel Nerathet (Exile)
Dr Janit Feangfu


Resource Politics in Myanmar: Rivers and Land in Transition (Myanmar Series 4/4)

Large-Scale Farmland Rental and Absentee Investors: A study of Local People’s Participation in the Face of Rapid Change in Myanmar
Soe Soe Htway

Fisheries and Socio-economic Change in the Thanlwin River Estuary in Mon and Kayin State, Myanmar
Prof. Cherry Aung

Repositioning the Salween Basin: Local-National-Regional-Global Connections
Dr Carl Middleton & Alec Scott


Histories of subversion and protest in Asia

Imperial Transgressions, Sexual Violence, and Diasporic Boycotts Connecting Interwar China and Colonial Indonesia
Dr Kris Alexanderson

Shen Anna: A Communist Agent in Republican China
Patrick Nugent

Mishima Yukio, the Japanese Police, and the Sovereign Crisis that Never Came
Max Ward

“We never complain against your fair and just decision:” the Chusan Labor Camp Trial and Contested Justice
Dr Erik Ropers


Race and Class Mobilities in Asia (1/2)

Chair: Bernard Keo

Global Lives, Cosmopolitan Futures: Peranakan Chinese Communities in Colonial Southeast Asia
Bernard Z. Keo

Macanese, Portuguese or British? Tracing the Lives of Manuel and Eduardo Pereira in Macau, Hong Kong and Britain
Dr Catherine S. Chan

Gomastahs, Peons, and Chowdranies: The Role of Indian Subordinates in the functioning of the lock hospitals and the Indian Contagious Diseases Act, Madras Presidency (1805-1880s)
Divya Gopalakrishnan

Pragmatic Confucian Patriarchs: Marriage and Divorce among the Chinese in Nineteenth Century Urban Java
Dr Guo-Quan Seng


Histories of the Future in Modern China – 17th to 21st Centuries

Chair: Dr Lewis Mayo

Civil Wars, Rival Futures and the Trope of Liberation in Modern Chinese and Modern American History
Dr Lewis Mayo

Empire, Settlement and Dynastic Change in the 17th Century Chinese and British Worlds: Narratives of the Future in The Dominion of New England and Zheng-era Taiwan
Jack Moloney

Liang Qichao, Chinese Settler Cultures and the History of the Chinese Future
Justin Tighe

Fictional History and Post Mao Zhishifenzi: Visions of the Past and Future
Richard Lee


Rethinking the Scope of Sinitic Literacy in Japan: Conceptualization and Composition

Chairs: Ye Yuan & Yoshitaka Yamamoto

Re-evaluating Hentai Kanbun in Heian/Kamakura Japan
Han Song

Imagined Tests: Imitations of Chinese Imperial Examinations in Tokugawa Japan
Yoshitaka Yamamoto

Composing Vernacular Chinese Literature: An Early-Modern Japanese Effort
Ye Yuan

Modernizing Sinitic Poetry in 19th-Century Japan: Sinitic Poets’ Reactions to Western Literature
Rintato Goyama


Law and Religion: Religious Freedom in Peril?

Chair: A/Prof. Jianlin Chen

Asia Bibi v. The State: Blasphemy, Religion and Law in Pakistan
Dr Imran Ahmed

Duping Religious Freedom: Law, Politics and Economics of Regulating Religious Fraud in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
A/Prof. Jianlin Chen

Freedom of Religion and Beliefs in Indonesia: How The Indonesian Constitutional Court Ruled?
Luthfi Widagdo Eddyono


Whither Democracy? The Rise of the Far Right in South and Southeast Asian Politics

‘Anti-Radicalisation’ and the Resurgence of The Far-Right in Indonesia: The case of Pemuda Pancasila
Dr Ian Wilson

Political Crisis and The Rise of the Far Right: Southeast Asian Politics after the Global Economic Crisis
Prof. Kanishka Jayasuriya

Causes of Democratic Backsliding in South Asia
Medha Majumdar

Wars, Wrongs, and Revenge: What is to be done?
A/Prof. Jane Munro


Public health in Asia

The Situation of People with Disabilities in the Laos PDR
Dr Manjula Marella

Coordination Between Health and Rehabilitation Services in Bangladesh
Dr Wesley Pryor

God’s Gift or Karma’s Curse? The Influence of Social Status on Social Constructs of Autism
Daw Aye Aye Pyone

Epistemic Communities in Health System Strengthening: Place-Based Research in Bali Province, Indonesia
I Nyoman Sutarsa

1020-1100 Morning Tea
1100-1220 Panel Sessions 2.2

Power, politics and the impacts of development

Chair: Anne Decobert

Land Rights in Peacebuilding Discourse: Domination and Resistance in Timor Leste’s Ita Nia Rai Programme
Dr Srinjoy Bose

Development Paradigms in Practice: The Influence of Large-Scale Dam Building in India’s North-East on the Consolidation of Power Inequalities
Klara Feldes

The Micro-Politics of Community-Driven Development: Ethnographic Insights from a Slum in the Megacity of Dhaka
Kazi Nazrul Fattah



Power, politics and resistance

Chair: Rachael Diprose

The Roots of Conservative Radicalism in Southern Thailand’s Buddhist Heartland
Dr Patrick Jory

Bali’s Local Politics in Indonesian Post-Authoritarian Era: Between Local Gangsters and Local Aristocrats
Sandry Saraswati

The Arabisation of the Z generation and its Possible Influence on the Democratisation Processes in Indonesia
Monika Piosik

People’s Movement in Transition: Case of Jagatsinghpur, Odisha
Souvik Lal Chakraborty



Civil Society and Refugee Care in Indonesia: Creating Protection Space? (2/2)

Chair: Max Walden

Local Communities, Emotions, and the Everyday Construction of Protection Space for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Indonesia
Atin Prabandari

Improving Refugee Protection in Asia-Pacific: How Civil Society and the Australian Government Can Make a Practical Difference
Asher Hirsch & Dr Daniel Ghezelbash

Islamic Civil Society Responses to Rohingya Refugees in Indonesia and Bangladesh
Dr Heru Susetyo


Ways of knowing the future: perspectives on four Asian cities: Manila, Delhi, Kathmandu and Dhaka

Chair: Tanzil Shafique

What is Khori Gaon’s Future? A Case of Multiple, Competing and Shifting Imaginations of the City
Ishita Chatterjee

Whose Vision, Which City? Urban Planning and Informality in Manila
Reden Recio

Future of the Non-Citizens in Making the Future of the Kathmandu city?
Neeraj Dangol

Clean, Green Dreams: Whose Heritage Counts in Urban Revitalization?
Dr Stephanie Butcher


The Politics of Culture (1/2)

Chinese Environmental Photography as Socially Engaged Art
Dr Thomas Chase

Commercializing ‘Rebellious’ Culture in the Debate Reality Show of Qipashuo: China’s New Television Positioning between the Party and the Market
Wan-Chun Huang

Film as a Cathartic Response to Political, Economic and Educational Alienation in Singapore
Dr Yeow-Tong Chia


The Spiritual Foundations of Southeast Asian Arts (2/2)

Faithful Radicals in Philippine Political Cinema
Laurence Marvin S. Castillo

Forms of Islam: Minangkabau Metaphor and the Work of Handiwirman Saputra
Katherine Bruhn

Charging the Boundaries of “Islamic” in Islamic Art: Arahmaiani and the Interplay of Jawi
Anissa Rahadiningtyas

Spirituality in Modern Art – The Case of Malay/ Muslim Artists in Singapore
Syed Muhammad Hafiz


Southeast Asian Services and Production Networks

Chair: Adam Fforde

Prospects for a ‘New Approach’ to Understanding Contemporary Socio-Economic Change in Mainland SEA – Servicisation in the Vietnamese Economic Miracle in Local Perspective
A/Prof. Adam Fforde

How to Embrace SMEs in Global Market: The Role of E-Commerce in Industrial Upgrading in the Indonesian Apparel Value Chain
Muhammad Ilham Nugroho

Regional Production Networks of Palm Oil: The Roles of Malaysian Enterprises in Indonesian Palm Oil Industry
Bonifasius Endo Gauh Perdana

An Examination of Ridehailing Travel Behaviour in Ho Chi Minh City Amongst the Young to Middle-Aged Life Stages
Dr Abraham Leung


Asia literacy in Australian schools and universities

Alternative Asias and Australian school curriculum
Rebecca Cairns

Journey of Japanese Language Learners in Queensland: Global citizenship and the Role of Language Studies in Australia
Dr Kayoko Hashimoto

Teaching “Many Asias” as Experiential Learning at the Undergraduate Level
Dr Evan Ward

The significance of China as Method in Australia-China Relations in Today’s Globalised Multicultural Society
Chunyan Zhang


Women in Politics in Asia: Rethinking participation, (under) representation and exclusion (2/2)

Chair: A/Prof. Tanya Jakimow

Patronized and Mansplained: The relationship between progressive female city assembly members and their male supporters in Tokyo
Dr Tomoko Seto

Mediated Misogyny in Japanese Politics
Dr Sally McLaren

‘It’s not easy for women to be a politician’: Women’s political participation in post-conflict Nepal
Sarah Hewitt

Exploited yet Loyal: The (Affective) Political Labour of Women Party Cadre in India
A/Prof. Tanya Jakimow


Digital Media, Discourse and Subjectivity in Asia

The Uses and Meanings of the Japanese Word Ekkyō in the Age of the Anthropocene
Alexander Ginnan

Chauvinist Discourse in Japanese Internet Cyberspace and the (non-) Subjectivity Constituted by Digital Media Technology
Dr Satofumi Kawamura

Animal Influencers as Idols of Consumption at Present and in the Future: Animal Subjectivity and the Cult of Cuteness on China’s New Media Platforms in the 21st Century
Dr Meng Li


Confronting Precarious Futures: Multidisciplinary re-constructions of the Yolanda Disaster

Chair: Dr Marie Rose Arong

Ghosts of History from the Ruins of Disaster: Narrative Strategies in Post-Haiyan Filipino Novels
Dr Marie Rose Arong

The Archaeology of Yolanda: Foucault and Reconstructing the Disaster
Wendyl Luna

Governing through Women: Ethics and Politics of Disaster Reconstruction in the Philippines
Kaira Zoe Alburo Canete


The Future for Asian Libraries in Australia: Surviving Changes and Challenges

Chair: Dr Rheny Pulungan

Monash University Library Asian collections: Changes and Challenges to Support Teaching and Research
Dr Rheny Pulungan

Influences on Decision Making in University Libraries: A Diversity Issue? (Video Presentation)
Friederike Schimmelpfennig

Chinese Language Collections at Monash University and The University of Melbourne
Xiaoju Liu

Panel Discussion
Dr Hui Huang


Imagining and making nations in Asia

From Warriors to Pioneers: Veterans and State-Building in Early Postcolonial Indonesia
Woonkyung Yeo

Beyond China, Within the Nation: Nationalist Tours of the Nanyang during Republican China
Dr Antonio Barrento

Thoughts and Practices of “Malayanisation” in Nanyang University in the 1950s and 1960s
Dr Ying Xin Show

Citizenship and National Identity in Chinese higher education, 1919-1937
Zhihang Li


Race and Class Mobilities in Asia (2/2)

Chair: Catherine Chan

Citizens at the End of Empire: Navigating “Citizenship” in Postwar Malaya and Singapore, 1946-1963
Dr John Solomon

Migrant Soldiers on the Move: ‘Martial Races’ and the Transnational Lives of Gurkha families in the Far East (1940s-1960s)
Hema Kiruppalini

Negotiating for a Second Life: Indian Migration and Tailoring Businesses in Cold War Hong Kong (1950s-1970s)
Katon Lee


Citizenship and Violence in Asia

Chair: Prof. Sandra Wilson

Sook Ching 1942: Mass execution and national identity in Singapore
Prof. Robert Cribb

Executions of Allied Flyers in Wartime Japan
Prof. Sandra Wilson

Political Murder in Post-War Thailand
Dr Arjun Subrahmanyan

Collecting the Remains of the War Dead: Japanese Missions to Papua New Guinea
A/Prof. Beatrice Trefalt


Language attitudes, ideologies and choices

Konnichwa! Namaste! A Comparative Study of Parental Motivations and Strategies in A Marathi and Japanese Heritage Language School in Melbourne
Pallavi Atre

Multilinguals’ Language Attitude and the Effect of Socio-Political History: The Case of Taiwan
Ivy Chen

Making Sense of Intra And Inter-Speaker Variations in Kobe Women’s Interview Discourse over 30 Years
Dr Lidia Tanaka

Vietnam War, Vietnamese Diaspora, And the Politics of Vietnamese Language
Quang Van


Local Community in Action: Success and Failure

Chair: Dr Mariko Urano

Community based Deradicalization: A Case Study of Lingkar Perdamaian Foundation
Jasmine Kusumawardani

Local Impacts of Competition Between Transnational Initiatives to Govern Palm Oil Supply Chain and State Sovereignty: Case Studies from West Sumatra and East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Dr Mariko Urano

Contested Consent: Untangling the Tensions between the State and Customary Indigenous Law in the Kaliwa Dam Project in the Philippines
Jore-Annie Rico


True Cadres and Xiaoxu Minzu: The Politics of Ethnicity and the Future of Communism in Contemporary China

Cadre System in China’s Ethnic Minority Regions: A Contributor to Tensions in Local Public Relations?
Dr Taotao Zhao

The Treatment of the Uyghurs in China: International Responses
Dr Deborah Mayersen

The Role of the Communist Youth League in the Xi Jinping Era
Adrian Brona


The Politics of Trade Policy in Asia: Gender, State-Building, and Economic Diplomacy under the Yoke of Late Stage Capitalism

Gendering Trade Policy in Asia
Dr Rabi ah Aminudin

State-Owned Enterprises in New-Generation Free Trade Agreements: Carveouts Chiselled for China’s Legal, Economic and Political Backbones
Francine Déliane Hug

Oiling the Rigs of State-Building: A Political Settlements Analysis of Fiscal Governance in Timor-Leste
Dr Dahlia Simangan


1220-1350 Lunch and Interest Group Meetings (1230-1330)

Asian Australian studies as a subject for future Research and teaching

Chair: Dr Monika Winarta

Presenter: Dr Samia Khatun, Ms Chunyan Zhang, Dr Amrita Malhi, Ms Farzana Yesmen Chowdhury



Student mobility: new paradigms and outcomes for future Asia

Chair: A/Prof. Beatrice Trefalt

Presenters: A/Prof. Beatrice Trefalt, Dr Bodean Hedwards, Dr Jeremy Breaden, A/Prof Andy Jackson, Dr Hui Huang, Ms Natassia Bell, Ms Elicia O’Reilly



Politics of the unseen: visual practice, spirituality and resistance in contemporary Indonesia 

Chairs: Dr Edwin Jurriens and Dr Wulan Dirgantoro

Presenters: Dr Intan Paramadhita, Dr Wulan Dirgantoro, Dr Edwin Jurriëns, Ms Naomi Srikandi, Mr Garin Nugroho, Ms Arahmaiani, Mr Gustaff Hariman Iskandar



The uncertain future of highland Asia: the cultural, environmental and political transformation of the Himalaya

Chair: Dr Alexander Davis

Presenters: Dr Alexander Davis, Dr Ruth Gamble, Professor Duncan McDuie-Ra, Dr Georgina Drew, Dr Mona Chettri, Dr Stephen Morey, Dr Lauren Gawne, Dr James Leibold



The future of historical justice in Southeast Asia 

Chair: A/Prof. Katharine McGregor

Presenters: Dr Rachel Hughes, Dr Lia Kent, Dr Ken Setiawan, Dr Lisandro Claudio


Asia Society Sponsored Roundtable 

Speakers tbc


The Future of #MeToo in Asia, A conversation with Youngmi Choi 

Chair: Dr Jay Song



Australia-Asia relations

Chair: Melissa Conley-Tyler 

Presenters: Dr Pradeep Taneja and others tbc



New Spatio-Political-Economies of Asia

Chair: Prof. Anoma Pieris


Dr. Amanda Achmadi, Dr. Sidh Sintusingha, Karina Putri, Jayde Roberts
Discussant: Prof. Jeff Hou


Interdisciplinary Curriculum and International Collaboration in Liberal Arts Education for Future Asias

Chair: Prof. Jie Zheng

Presenters: Dr. Haili Kong, Dr. Jin Feng, Dr. David Ribble, Dr. Katharina Yu

1450-1530 Afternoon Tea and Book Launches
1530-1650 Panel Sessions 2.3

Rural identities, governance and security

Village Deliberation in Managing Village Natural Resources in Indonesia
Katiman Katiman

‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’ (Hail the soldie, Hail the Farmer): National security, food security, and state-led narratives of small family farmers in India
Monika Barthwal-Datta

The Mess of Mafias? Regulating State Support in Rural Indonesia
Colum Graham


Reconciliation revisited: New developments in the Grassroots’ Search for Reconciliation and Peace in Indonesia

Chair: Dr Najib Azca

Grassroots Reconciliation in Indonesia’s Illiberal Democracy Revisited
Dr Priyambudi Sulistiyanto

A Detour or Trojan Horse? Social Inclusion Initiatives and Reconciliation of the 1965 Violence in Indonesia
Ade Siti Barokah, Maulida Raviola & Ayu Diasti Rahmawati

From Peacebuilding to Social Justice
Dr Birgit Bräuchler

Revisiting Peacebuilding in the Land of Jihad: Comparing Ambon and Poso, Eastern Indonesia
Dr Najib Azca


Negotiating identities and languages in multicultural Australia

Chair: Dr Nicholas Herriman

Language and Culture Maintenance and Cultural Identity among Asian Migrants in Multicultural Australia
Dr Farzana Yesmen Chowdhury

English, Indonesian, and Cocos Malay: Language, Power, and Identity on a (Post)colonial tropical atoll
Dr Nicholas Herriman

The Relationship Between Attitudes to Freedom, Individualism and Gender Equality and Perceptions regarding Family Name Selection among Japanese “Lifestyle Migrants” in Australia
Dr Etsuko Toyoda


Interdisciplinarity, Critique and Risk: New directions in Urban and Architectural Histories in and of Asia

Chair: Dr Kah-wee Lee

The Troubled Heritage of the Secretariat: Murdered Dreams and Fragile Hopes in Myanmar
Dr Jayde Lin Roberts

Singapore’s Coasts, the Whale and the Museum
Zihao Wong & Dr Lilian Chee

Architecture as Evidence: Reflections on Doing Architectural History in the Legal Archive
Dr Kah-Wee Lee

Historicising the Domestic: New Sites, New Epistemologies, and a New Educational Program
Dr Gauri Bharat


The Politics of Culture (2/2)

“Vietnam Rides a Dragon, China Rides a Dog:” Sovereign Crisis and the Resurgence of Vietnamese Visual Communication
John Michael Swinbank

Indonesian Civil Society and Data Activism: Online Identity, Relationship, and Protection
Dr Fiona Suwana

Deaf Advocacy through Theatre Performance: The Case of “Ding, Ang Bato!”
Neslie Carol Tan


Museums, Artistic Expressions, and the Promotion of Diversity in Japan

Chair: Prof. Koichi Iwabuchi

Nurturing a Diversity-oriented Mind through Curatorial Courses
Prof. Mariko Murata

From a Design Perspective: How Can Sign Design Contribute to Promoting Diversity in Museums?
Prof. Masako Miyata

The Possibilities of Educational Programs in Museum Practice to Realize Social Inclusion: The Forest of Expression of Arts Maebashi
Tomo Imai

Migrant Diplomacy: Japan-Australia Collaboration to Enhance Cultural Diversity
Prof. Koichi Iwabuchi


Migrant Labor and the Rural Economy

Chair: Dr Karita Kan

Transnational Temping: Exploitation of Asian Working Holiday Makers in Australian Abattoirs
Dr Hyeseon Jeong

Rural Cooperation, Villager Empowerment, and China’s Agrarian Futures: Insights from A Women’s Cooperative in Guangzhou
Dr Karita Kan

How Rural Out-Migration Drive Land-Use Change: A Case Study from the Middle Hills of Nepal
Bhwana KC

Subaltern Agency and the Political Economy of Rural Social Change
Rebecca Meckelburg


Australia-China relations: education and culture

Are Australian Universities under Threat from China?
Diarmuid Cooney-O’Donoghue

Future Asias in Australia: ‘Foreign interference’ and International Student Mobility
Dr Avery Poole

Chinese Communist Party Posters at The National Gallery of Australia and Ephemeral Counter-Narratives in the Future Direction of Australia-Asia Relations
Dr Alex Burchmore


(Re)constructing ageing futures in/of Asia through migration

Chair: Dr Elaine Lynn-Ee-Ho

Re-visiting Retirement through a Transnational Lens: A Case Study of Older Singaporeans Working in China
Dr Leng Leng Thang & Dr Elaine Lynn-Ee Ho

In Search of Project Marigold: Bespoke Fantasies of Independence and Dependent Sociality in Ubud, Bali
Dr Paul Green

“Relational life course” and Spatio-Temporal Negotiations toward Futures: Mainland Chinese Grandparenting Migrants in Sydney
Dr Elaine Lynn-Ee Ho

Older Female Migrants and their Kin in the Homeland: Transnational Caregiving Practices among Filipinas in Japan
Dr Johanna O. Zulueta


Gender, power and morality in Indonesia

Grass Roots Collective Action and Women’s Empowerment: Gender, Power and Influence in Indonesian Villages
Dr Rachael Diprose

Islamisation and its Impact on Feminism in Indonesia
Ayu Mariska

Unity, Diversity, and “An Exercise in Futility”: An Exploration of the Moral Experiences of Indonesians of Diverse Sexualities During the 2019 General Election
Kade Newell


Circulation of Knowledge, Texts, and Discourses between China and the West

Chair: Dr Wendong Cui

Inventing “the Great Inventions”: China and the Early-Modern European Scientific Imagination
Prof. Dongqing Wang

A Displaced Western Heroine in China: Laura M. White’s Chinese Translation of Romola
Dr Tin Kei Wong

A Woman’s Disease?: Hysteria, Cultural Appropriation, and Female Mental Hygiene in Republican China
Dr Yun Zhang

Garibaldi as a Xia (Chinese Knight-errant): On the Transformation of Heroic Narratives in Late Qing China
Dr Wendong Cui


Shōjo of Oz: Japanese literature, shōjo culture and Australia

Chair: Dr Emerald King

A Shower of Cats – Reading Tansy Rayner Robert’s Creature Court Series as a Shōjo Text
Dr Emerald King

Witnesses to War: Depictions of Featherston and Cowra POW camps as Depicted in Australian and New Zealand Children’s Literature
Rebecca Hausler

What Shōjo Did Next: Japanese Women’s Fiction in the 21st Century
Dr Masafumi Monden

Reading the Modern Boy in Interwar Japan
Debbie Chan


Memory and the effects of contested historical justice

Remembrance and Reception: Narrative Transmissions and the “Postmemory” of Children of Martial Law Survivors
Dr Mary Grace Concepcion

Transitional Justice, DDR (Demobilization, Disarmament and Reintegration), and Deforestation in Cambodia since the 2000s
Yoshifumi Azuma

Transitional Justice and the Delineation of Indigenous Peoples’ Traditional Territory in Taiwan
Dr Shu-Yuan Yang

Intergenerational Transmission of Memories and Narratives of May 1998 Among Chinese Indonesians in Jakarta
Dr Stefani Nugroho


Environmental Histories Connecting Asia and Australasia

Chair: Dr Susie Protschky

Chinese Farming, Rural Enterprise and Environmental Change in Aotearoa New Zealand, 1870s-1950s
A/Prof. James Beattie

Controlling Land, Culture, and Identity in the Malay Agricultural Settlement of Kuala Lumpur, 1899–1920s
Joanna Lee

Fuel for Empire: Australian trees in Southern India, 1850s to 1890s
Dr Ruth Morgan

Indonesia’s volcanoes as Sites of Knowledge Production: A History
Dr Susie Protschky


Governance and Civil Society in Contemporary South and Southeast Asia

Rule of Law for Political Gain: Trends in Civil Society in Lao PDR
Dr Andrea Haefner

Governing Civil Society in Cambodia: ‘Societal Incorporation’ in INGO/NGO Partnerships with the State
Dr Melissa Curley

Religious Extremism (Sectarianism) and Civil Society in Pakistan, Post 9/11
Dr Naumana Kiran

The Analytical is Liberal: Liberal Biases in the Analysis of Populism in Indonesia and the Philippines
Dr Rommel Curaming


Student Mobility as ‘Public Diplomacy’? Examining The New Colombo Plan’s impact on deepening Asia-Australia relations

Chair: Elena Williams

Understanding how Australian Government International Scholarship Programs are Valued: The New Colombo Plan in the Broad Context
Joanne Barker

Australian New Colombo Plan Scholars in Asia: Settlement, Academic Learning and Connecting
Dr Mark Rahimi

Making an Impact? Measuring the New Colombo Plan’s Influence on the Australia-Indonesia Bilateral Relationship
Elena Williams

To What Extent Does International Student Mobility Enhance Employability and Intercultural Intelligence? Viewpoints of Indonesian and Australian Students studying in Indonesia
Alam Ikhlas


Fascist Government Structures and Ideology in China’s Political System

Chair: Prof. Dr. John Fitzgerald

Democracy or Dictatorship? Debates for a China in Crisis, 1930-1945
Egas Moniz Bandeira

Regime Crises and the Constraints of Ideology: China’s Fascist Turns in the 1930s and 2010s
Clemens Büttner

The Global Implications of China’s Dual State Revival
Eva Pils

1700-1800 Reviewing the State of Asian Studies in Australia , Professor Edward Aspinall, ASAA President and A/Professor Melissa Crouch, ASAA Secretary

CONFERENCE DINNER | The Brunswick Mess Hall

The Brunswick Mess Hall, 400 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

Optional social function $75 per ticket while seats last.  Arrive 6.30pm for 7pm start.

Thursday 9 July 2020

0830 Registration open
0830-0900 Arrival tea and coffee
0900-1020 Panel Sessions 3.1

Climate and environmental degradation, activism, and global futures

Chair: Dr Rachael Diprose

Plastic Nations: Transnational Networks of Plastic Waste Disposal from Japan to Malaysia
Dr Shiori Shakuto

Framing Discourses and Mobilizing Towards Collective Action: Environmental Movements’ Resistance Against Extractive Industries in the Philippines
Alegado Joseph Edward

Global Climate Activism in Hong Kong: Status Quo and Prospect
Wendi Li

Ambient Air: Kolkata’s Bicycle Politics and Post-Carbon Futures
Dr Mailini Sur


The Making of a Good Meal: How Asian diets reflect shifting political and commercial priorities

Chair: A/Prof. Michael Ng

Cultivating a Taste for Affordable Health: Blue Seal Milk and the Popularization of Milk Beverage in Post-war Hong Kong
John D Wong

Coming to Like Foreign Beef: The Cultural Politics of Beef Production and Consumption in Modern Japan
Tatsuya Mitsuda

“Reds Starving Hong Kong”: Geopolitics of Vegetable Supply in British Hong Kong (1940s – 1960s)
Michael Ng

Soy sauce and industrial food production in Singapore
A/Prof. Hallam Stevens


Towards Re-Envisioning Asia – Contested Urbanisms, Geographies and Choreographies (1/2)

Chair: Dr Manu Sobti

Transforming Craft Traditions: Past, Present and Future Relevance of Vernacular Craft and Craftsmanship in the Trans- Himalayan Region of India
Deldan Angmo

The Monumental Past – A Celebration or a Suppression
Azin Saeedi

Reading the Past, Writing the Future: Analysing Persian Miniature Paintings as Documentations of Social History
Sareh Abooali

Spatial Impacts of Networks on the Urban Morphologies of Iranian Cities in the Medieval Period
Ali Rad Yousefnia


Trans-Asia culture circuits

K-Pop, K-Dramas, and the Mobility across Asias
Dr JaeYoon Park

Consuming the K in Sydney: Cover dancing, Emplacement, and the Production of “K-pop Spaces”
Kathryn Phillips

The ‘Global Malaysian Novel’: Asian Form or Global Commodity?
Brandon Liew

Selling Insurance across Cultures: Cross-Cultural Communication in Advertising
Dr Chavalin Svetanant


Civic Interventions in the Age of Digital Asia

Chair: Dr Li-Chia Lo

Incubating Democracy with Civic Technology: The Case of G0V Community in Taiwan
Dr Li-chia Lo

Creative Intervention and Media in the Cultural Public Sphere
Dr Shiau Ching Wong

Protecting Community Heritage through Civic Engagement in Singapore
Dr Selina Ho


Understanding Inequalities in Southeast Asia from Various Perspectives: Are We in a “Proper” Trajectory?

Chair: Adiasri Putri Purbantina

The ASEAN Economic Community and A Technology-Driven Industrial Catch-Up: Three ASEAN Country Cases
Adiasri Putri Purbantina

Indigenous Peoples’ Worldview and Inequalities: Voices from Southeast Asia’s Indigenous Media
Mona Sihombing

Religious Inequalities and Inclusive Development in Southeast Asian Communities
Maria Indira Aryani

Women, Workloads, and Gender Equality in Indonesia
Ade Kusuma


Asian International Students, Temporary Graduates and Skilled Migrants in Australia: Settlement, Well-being and Employment

Chair: Prof. Ly Tran

Employment Outcomes of International Graduates on Post-Study Work Visa in Australia
A/Prof. Ly Tran

From University to Workplace: A Complex Pathway for International Students
Prof. Jill Blackmore

Improving Employment Outcomes for Professionally Skilled Migrants
John van Kooy

The Influence of Social Values and Differing Socio-Cultural Norms on the Mental Health of Asian international students in Australia
Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett


Mobile Lives: migration, travel and transport

Chair: Dr Ariane Utomo

On the Other Side of the Tracks: Infrastructural borders in Guwahati, India
Prerona Das

Brain Drain from Japan: A New Demographic Challenge?
A/Prof. Nana Oishi

Gungtong: An Initial Assessment of the Implication of Abandoned Houses in Bhutan
Sangay Wangchuk

Temporary Workers and Unlikely Settlers: The Thwarted Returns and Future Imaginaries of Trade Skilled Migrants from China Living in Perth
Catriona Stevens


Marriage and inequality revisited: Chinese and Sino-foreign perspectives (1/2)

Chair: Prof. Antonia Finnane

‘Arranged’ marriages in China: past and present
Dr Pan Wang

Chinese Australian brides, photography and the white wedding
Sophie Couchman

Sewing machines as dowry gifts in the Mao and Deng years
Prof. Antonia Finnane

“It’s hard to be a man”: navigating ‘involuntary bachelorhood’ as a migrant man in urban China
Sarah Gosper


Femininity, bodies and work

Adult femininity and (non)reproductivity in urban Japan
Dr Laura Dales

The Biopolitics of Beauty in the Age of Precarious Aesthetic Economies in South Korea
A/Prof. Jo Elfving-Hwang

Rural Women, Agrarian Capitalism and the Environment in Monaragala
Buddhima Padmasiri

Gender Identity and Unpaid Carework: An Ethnography of The Lives of Female Indonesian Postgraduate Students and Their Families in Australia
Valentina Yulita Dyah Utari


Malaysia’s Trans-Asian Futures

Chair: A/Prof. Emma Baulch

Slouching towards Beijing?: WhatsApp Family Groups and Chineseness in Malaysia
A/Prof. Emma Baulch & Dr Ting-Fai Yu

Articulating Queer Sinophone Malaysia: LGBT Chinese Malaysians’ Educational Mobility to Taiwan
Dr Ting-Fai Yu

The Pontianak strikes back: visions of Malaysian feminism in digital spaces
Ana Grgić


Monash University Library’s Indonesian Collections: Engagement and Support for Teaching-learning and Research activities

Chair: Dr Anita Dewi

Monash University Library engagement with stakeholders in teaching and learning space
Dr Anita Dewi

Monash University Library’s Indonesian collections and support for researchers
Dr Rheny Pulungan


Reconsiderations of the historiography of Asia

British in the Battle of Surabaya: A Discourse Analysis of Indonesian History Textbooks
Indah Wahyu Puji Utami

The Divergent Evolution of Javanese Historiography
Wayan Jarrah Sastrawan

Loving China from Distance: The Reconsidered Significance of Hong Kong’s Colonial Exceptionalism
Katy Chan

Colonial Histories in the Construction of Malaya as a Nation within the British Empire in the Twentieth Century and its Implications
Wei Wan Wong


Nuclear disaster and environmental mobilities

Roundtable Presentation

Presenters: Akina Mikami, Ryota Wakamatsu & Ryoko Kose


Authority, Politics, and Commemoration in Transpacific Japan, 1854-1945

Chair: Dr Janet Borland

Fragmentation of Political Vision: Power and Intellectuals in the Ansei and Taisho Earthquakes
Prof. Koichiro Matsuda

Statue of Sadness: Commemoration and Controversy Surrounding Tokyo’s 1923 Earthquake Children
A/Prof. Janet Borland

Expressing Gratitude and Memorializing Transpacific Humanitarianism following the Great Kantō Earthquake of 1923
Prof. J. Charles Schencking

Anglo-American Influence on the Japanese Police Administration in the Interwar Period
A/Prof. Tadahiko Miyachi


Citizenship and Statelessness in and from Myanmar and Cambodia

Chair: Dr Christoph Sperfeldt

Banal Statelessness in and from Myanmar: A Comparative Study of Non-Rohingya Muslims
Dr Nyi Nyi Kyaw & Dr Vanessa Lamb

Practices of Citizenship and Politics of Irregular Movements
Ashraful Azad

Colonial Jurisdictions and the Definition of Khmerness
Sally Low

The Perpetual ‘Foreigner’: The Production of Statelessness among Cambodia’s Vietnamese Minority
Christoph Sperfeldt


Citizenship and Politics in Crises in Contemporary Southeast Asia

Future of Wild Boar Academy: Political Implications of Granting Thai Citizenship to Stateless Tham Luang Cave Survivors
Ladawan Khaikham

Londo Blankon as Power Brokers: Village Politics and Land Deals Program in the Lapindo Mudflow Disaster
Fathum Karib

Australia’s Response to the Rohingya Crisis: An Analysis in the Context of the Responsibility-Sharing Norm
Ishrar Habib


China’s Urban Future – Policy, People and Social Change

Chair: Dr Lei Yu

Dwelling, labour, and Enclosure in China’s poverty Resettlements
Dr Sarah Rogers

Urbanizing Tibet’s Minoritized Languages
Dr Gerald Roche

Housing Safety-net Expansion in the Era of New-type Urbanisation: Case Studies from Shandong
Dr Lei Yu

Extending Pension Coverage to Migrant Workers in China: Challenges from a Fragmented Social Security System
Randong Yuan

1020-1100 Morning Tea
1100-1220 Panel Sessions 3.2

Gender and sexuality norms: understanding self and other

Chair: Dr Lan Ahn Hoang

Playing Bideshi (Western) by a Deshi (Local) Ethnographer in the Field: Ambiguities in the ‘Insider-Outsider’ Relationship
Suborna Camellia

Becoming and Being a Young Father in the Context of Poverty and Disaster: An Ethnographic Study of Early Fatherhood in a North Lombok Village
Lisa Colquhoun

Performing Waria: Genre as a Technology for shaping Trans-Identity in Indonesia
Paige Johnson

The ‘Feminisation’ of Local Communities in Rural Nepal: Opportunities and Constraints for Women
Sujata Tamang


Peacebuilding and the dead in Independent Timor-Leste

Chair: Dr Lia Kent

A Mortal Peace: Death and Community in the Pursuit of a Good Life in Timor-Leste
Dr Damian Grenfell

Ontological Security Anchored in Death & the Afterlife: Shared Frameworks of Meaning and the Ramifications for Senses of Peace & Security
Bronwyn Winch

Post-Conflict Trauma and the Remain(der)s of Violence in Timor-Leste
Emily Toome

Gathering the Dead, Imagining the State? Examining the Practices of Commissions for Recovering Human Remains
Dr Lia Kent


Asia in Australia and Australian in Asia

Chair: Angela Lee

Putting Australia in Future Asia Entertainment Landscape
Angela Lee

The Kpop Rerrarium: A Growing Culture of Self-Supplied Content in Australia
Anne Lu

K-Wave and the rise of “K-related” activities in Australia
Fresha Mardia


Towards Re-Envisioning Asia – Contested Urbanisms, Geographies and Choreographies (2/2)

Chair: Dr Manu Sobti

Nineteenth-Century Photography, Indian Minorities, and The Question of a Secular Future
Sushma Griffin

The Space for a New Architectural Knowledge?
Ayman Alanssary

Re-Imagining Rurality; An Alternative Perspective on Rural Transformation in Iran and Beyond
Maryam Shafiei

The Legacy of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Contemporary Iran: An Opportunity or a Drawback
Peyman Akhgar


Transcultural manga and anime

The Shifting Gender Norms in Contemporary China: A Case Study of Gay Fun Arts in Ne Zha
Xiaofei Yang

Revisiting Japanese Fan Culture Theory
A/Prof. Zilia Zara-Papp

Towards a Vacuumlike Empathy: Reconfiguring Hot-Blooded Aesthetics of Japanese Animation with Chinese Qinggan
Chen Jin

Chinese Comics in the Age of Globalization: The Influence of Japanese Manga and the Exploration of “Chinese Flavor” in Chinese Girls’ Comics
Ying Huang


Women’s Religious Belief and Writing

Chair: Qiu Chunquan

Murasaki Shikibu’s Renunciation Heart and Her Literary Creation
Prof. Longmei Zhang

The Description of Buddhist Dreams in Kagerō Nikki and Sarashina nikki
A/Prof. Yan Chen

The Purpose and Significance of Lady Nijō’s Pilgrimages
A/Prof. Chunquan Qiu

The Significance of Visiting the Temples or Shrines and Practicing as a Lay Believer in the Second Volume of Takemukigaki
Ruhui Ma


Literature and the social

Indian Visions of The Future: Rahul Sankrityayan’s 1924 Science-Fiction Novel – Twenty-Second Century
Peter Friedlander

Murakami Haruki and Tawada Yōko: Narrativising Cultural Traumas in A Transcultural Space
Laura Clark

Writing Pramoedya: A Creative Response to the Writings of Pramoedya Ananta Toer
Jennifer Mackenzie


Women in Japan’s man-made world of work

Chair: Dr Caroline Norma 

Corporate Hostess-isation of Women in Japanese White Collar Work
Dr Caroline Norma

Sexual Harassment Grey Zone: What Goes on in the ‘Workplace’ of Japan’s Politicians
Dr Emma Dalton

Narratives on Women’s Irregular Employment and Work-Family Balance in Japan
Prof. Kaori Okano

Analysing Women in Work in Earthquake Recovery Measures on the North-Eastern Coast of Japan
Dr Reina Ichii


Marriage and inequality revisited: Chinese and Sino-foreign perspectives (2/2)

Chinese Wives, Migration Law and White Australia
Dr Kate Bignall

Transnational Bigamy: gender, marriage, and law in treaty port Shanghai
Luke Yin

Eugenics and the changing of view of marriage in Republic of China
Nan Wang

Panel Discussion
Antonia Finnane


Gender and sexuality: advocacy and activism

Rights Assertion and Experience of Young Poor LGBTs in a Philippine Rural Area
Athena Charanne Presto

The Role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Women Empowerment in the Deep South of Thailand
Anna Christi Suwardi

Global Pride, Local Parades – Tokyo Rainbow Pride and LGBT advocacy in Japan
Shu Min Yuen


Indonesian Visual Arts: Early Foundations and Contemporary Forms of Creative Activism (1/2): Pioneers of art education and experimentation

The Roles of the Forgotten: Simon Admiraal and the Rise of the Art Academy in Indonesia
Aminudin TH Siregar

The Togetherness of Visual Art and Ludruk Theatre

Sukarno’s Art Activities in the Presidential Palace
Dr Mikke Susanto

Protecting The Tibet Plateau
Ms Arahmaiani

Sponsored by the Indonesia Strategy Group, Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne


Transpacific Visions: Connecting Pacific Histories Between North and South

Chair: Dr Alexander Brown 

Lives of Japanese Prisoners of War in New Guinea after WWII
A/Prof. Yasuko Hassall Kobayashi

A Journey to the Archipelago: Shimao Toshio and the Transnational Imagination of Place in Cold War Japan
Dr Shinnosuke Yang Takahashi

Uniting or dividing? Christianity and its Role for Relationships between Enemies during the Pacific War
A/Prof. Christine Winter

The Hiroshima Panels and Australia
Dr Alexander Brown


Millennials’ Rewriting of Indonesia’s History of the Left

Chair: Sri Wahyuningroem

Harian Rakjat as Indonesian Communist Party Campaign Tool for 1955 National Election
Bimo Bagas Basworo

Labor’s Parliament: The Political Dynamics of the Dewan Perusahaan in Indonesia 1961-1966
Appridzani Syahfrullah

The Politicization of Psychology: The Role of Psychologists in Indonesia’s Detention Camps during the New Order Era
Dyah Ayu Kartika

Under the Banner of Reformation: Reviewing the 1965 G30S Historiography through the Millenial Hidsotiography Perpective
Fileksius Gulo


Emerging Legal Thoughts and Practices: Past, Present, Future

Chair: Dr Helen Pausacker

Rohingya Persecution: Opportunities for Transitional Justice
Mohammad Pizuar Hossain

Lawyer, ‘Refugee Alien’, Intelligence Officer and Advocate of Indonesian Studies: Johannes (Hans) Arndt Leyser
Dr Helen Pausacker

AI Impact on Asian Law: A Comparison of the Southern and Northern Hemisphere Leader Countries (China, Singapore and Indonesia)
Prof. Irina Filipova


An Illiberal Future: Politics under Joko Widodo

Localizing the National, Nationalizing the Local: The Political Trajectory of Duterte and Widodo from Mayoralty to Presidency
Lermie Shayne Garcia

Pro-Democracy Activists and the State: The Destruction of Indonesia’s Anti-Graft Agency under Jokowi Administration
Abdil Mughis Mudhoffir

The Indonesia Consolidation of Illiberal Democracy under Jokowi Administration
Airlangga Pribadi Kusman

A Tale of Two Chinese Indonesian Politicians: The Political Glass Ceiling for Chinese Indonesians
Dr Wu Ling Chong


Diplomacy, Nation-Building, and Contestation in/between East and Central Asia

Challenging China in Central Asia
Dr Jonathan Ludwig

Encounters of the Incarnations in Mongolia: Relations between Mongolia, Tibet, and China in the Twentieth Century
Dr Makoto Tachibana

Religions and China’s Diplomatic Endeavours (1949-2019)
Dr Yu Tao

Re-Examining Chinese Nation-Building in Offshore Hong Kong: When Chinese National Education Curriculums Meet with Contested Media
Xingxing Wang


Religion and Resistance in Southeast Asia

Chair: Elvin Ong

Is It Worth It? Building Opposition Alliances in Electoral Autocracies
Elvin Ong

Piety and Protest
A/Prof. Risa J. Toha

Navigating Islam in a Secular State: Muslim Activism in Singapore
A/Prof. Walid Jumblatt Abdullah

Pathways to Power: Opposition Strategies of Expansion in Malaysia, 1999-2018
A/Prof. Sebastian Dettman


The Future of Mental Health Care in Indonesia

Chair: Prof. Hans Pols

The Future of Mental Health Care in Indonesia: A Collaborative Project
Prof. Hans Pol

Consumer Associations, Patient Advocates, and the Future of Mental Health Care in Indonesia
Agus Sugianto

From Paternalism to Empowering Patients: A New Approach to Mental Health in Indonesia
Santi Yuliani

Human Rights Protections for Persons with Mental Illness in Indonesia: The Response of the Kebumen District to Pasung in Mbah Marsiyo’s House
Harry Minas

1220-1350 Lunch, Films and Interest Group Meetings (1230-1330)
1350-1510 Panel Sessions 3.3

Identity, ideology, and recognition: the struggle in Asian states

Chair: Damian Grenfell

Civil Society and the Quest of Taiwan Identity
I Hao Ben Liu

The Turn to Benevolence: Buddhicisation in Post Conflict Sri Lanka
Catherine West

The Enjoyment of Being a Leader: Fantasy and Misrecognition in Korea’s Saemaul (New Village) Movement
Christian Caiconte

Struggling for Recognition of Sacrifice: A Case of the Older and Politically Conservative in South Korea
A/Prof. Gil-Soo Han


Rethinking Agricultural Extension in South and Southeast Asia

Chair: Dr Trent Brown

Extension’s Imagined Beneficiary and the Challenge of Practical Agricultural Pedagogies
Dr Trent Brown

Extension in Indonesia: Past, Present, and Future.
Dr Graeme MacRae

The Changing Face of Livestock Extension: Experiences from Pakistan
Dr David McGill

Agricultural extension in conflict vulnerable areas: A partnership-based approach
Dr Mary Johnson


Disability, identity, and barriers to wellbeing

Chair: Hannah Gould

Trading Places: A Gendered Assessment of Barriers to Livelihood for People with Disabilities in Rural Myanmar
Aye Aye Myo

Beyond Beliefs: Exploring Disability and Identity in Myanmar
Tawng Mai Khum

Including People with Disability in Education: A Persistent for Future India
A/Prof. Nathan Grills

The Elderly Person and the Liveable Asian City
Dr Katrina Moore


Spaces of Unnationalism

Chair: A/Prof. Farhan Karim 

From Pickering to Pinnacle: Ghosts of Public Housing
Dr Eunice Seng

The Subversion of Spaces of Nationalism: The Violence of the Innocent Mall
Dr Manu P. Sobti

The Propensity of Things: Cultural Relics and the Reconstruction of Histories
Dr Cecilia Chu

Hotels as Spaces of ‘Unnationalism’ in Bombay, Bali and Beijing: The Design Practice of Alan Gilbert and Sarah Lo in the 1970s and 80s
Dr Amit Srivastava & Dr Peter Scriver


Media, Mobility, Identity

A Kaleidoscope of Stories? Marketing an Indonesian Film Festival in Melbourne
Dr Meghan Downes

The Non-Global Past of Alleyway Nostalgia in Japan’s Travel Media for Asia
Prof. Shinsuke Iwata

The East as a Career: The Portrayals of Chinese people and their Chineseness
Dr Chi Sum Garfield Lau

Representations of ‘Leftover Women’ in the Chinese English-language News Media
Yating Yu


Urban mobilities and digitisation of urban life

Chair: Dr Catherine Earl 

Improvised Infrastructure: The Motorbike-Taxi Economy in Indonesia
Dr Robbie Peters

Going Places: Digitisation of Spatial and Social Mobilities in Ho Chi Minh City
Dr Catherine Earl

Informalisation of the Online-Based Motorbike Taxi Drivers In Indonesia
Victoria Fanggidae

Strategies of Opacity: Evading the Algorithm as an Indonesian Motorcycle Taxi Driver
Henry Chim


East Asian Labor Market Policies

Chair: Prof. Sam Soo Kim

International Entrepreneurial Migration in Asia
Diane Bouleau

Recent Changes and Characteristics of the Wage System in Japan
Prof. Sam Soo Kim

Chinese Mergers & Acquisitions-Type Outward Foreign Direct Investment: A Potential Impact on Labor Conditions in China?
Wanlin Ren


Governing China’s water

Chair: Dr Sarah Rogers 

Which Way Forward? Building Up A Water Security System for China’s City of The Future
Wenjing Zhang

Producing the New Water Margin: Fixing the Buffer Zone of China’s Largest Drinking Water Reservoir
Dr Sarah Rogers & Dr Vanessa Lamb

Managing the Unseen: Information Transparency and China’s Groundwater Crisis
A/Prof. Matthew J. Currell

Is the River Chief System the Ultimate Solution to China’s Water Governance Problems?
Prof. Mark Wang


Transnational Marriages, Families and Gender in Asia

Chair: Dr Bernice Loh 

Negotiating Work and the Future: Aspirations and Autonomy of Migrant Wives in Singapore
Dr Theodora Lam

Transnational Marriage and Women’s Situated Agency in Singapore
Dr Bernice Loh

Gendered Motherwork of Transnational Coorg Families in the Asia-Pacific
Dr Chand Somaiah

Transnational Care and Kinship in Australia: Perspectives from Sinhalese Migrants In Later Life
A/Prof. Raelene Wilding & Dr Shashini Gamage


Storytelling, Trauma and Memory in Asia

Cultural Studies Rewrite Together a Rare Autoethnography of Auschwitz Survivor within the Modernizing South Korea
Gyu Chan Jeon

Japanese ‘Job’, a Family Tree and its Annihilation
Dr Gwyn McClenlland

Reconceptualizing the Postcolonial Cold War in Southeast Asia: The Works of Pramoedya Ananta Toer and F. Sionil Jose
Sandeep Singh


Indigenizing the Cold War in Mainland Southeast Asia

Chairs: Dr Sinae Hyun & Dr Simon Creak

Missionaries of the Cold War: The Thai Border Patrol Police and Its Nation-Building, 1947-1980
Dr Sinae Hyun

“No Ordinary Friendship”: China’s Red Evangelism and Hu Nim’s Becoming Maoist, 1949-1977
Dr Matthew Galway

Anti-Vietnamese Sentiment as Vernacular Ideology in Cold War Laos
Dr Simon Creak

Panel Discussion
Patrick Jory


The Filipino 1950s

Chair: Dr Lisandro Claudio

The Ideology of Austerity in 1950s Philippine Economics
Dr Lisandro E. Claudio

Redbaiting Rizal: The House Committee on Anti-Filipino Activities (CAFA) and the Noli-Fili debate of the mid 1950s
Joseph Scalice

The Dengue Epidemics in 1954 and 1956: Public Health and Popular Medicine in Postwar Philippines
Gideon Lasco

A History of a History Course: Appraising the Beginnings of the University of the Philippines’ General Education Philippine History course in the late 1950s
A/Prof. Aaron Mallari


Histories of sex and the family in Asia

Tainted by Name: The Moral and Social Perils of Associating with Concubines in Republican China
Dr Xia Shi

Imagining Interethnic Families in Colonial Taiwan
Alison Darby

Rethinking Concepts of Colonialism Through Histories of Forced Child Removal in North India
Dr Jessica Hinchy


The People Speak Out: Popular Movements for Democracy and Liberalization in China’s Reform Era

Chair: Prof. Anne McLaren 

Capital Complex: Photography and Art in Beijing during the 1970s and 80s
A/Prof. Claire Roberts

Democracy Wall: Beijing Winter, Beijing Spring
Dr Susette Cooke

Slow Train to Democracy, the Shanghai Campaign of 1978 to 1979
Anne McLaren

‘Culture fever’ as the setting for 1989
Nicholas Jose


Indonesian Visual Arts: Early Foundations and Contemporary Forms of Creative Activism (Panel 2): Contemporary networks of art and social inclusion

Chairs: Dr Wulan Dirgantoro &  Dr Edwin Jurriens

Disability-led Creative Economy – A possibility for Indonesia?
Samantha Mintio

Inclusive Dance Practice as Disability and Empowerment in Creative Practices in Indonesia
Yoana Wida Kristiawati

Urban/Rural Collaboration Platform: Common Room Networks Foundation
Gustaff H. Iskandar

Feminist Cultural Activism in Indonesia
Dr Intan Paramaditha

Sponsored by the Indonesia Strategy Group, Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne

1530-1630 ASAA AGM